Our story. How was founded Videolove - fast video editing service.


It is rare for a business to describe a love story on its website. But we Ukrainians are creative and don't always use tired templates:)I grew up in Donetsk, and Ella grew up in Kherson. We moved to Kyiv in the 2000s and studied simultaneously at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. But we were destined to meet much later in 2012. She was a PR manager in an international PR agency, and I was the CEO and founder of a digital agency. We rode in the same elevator to work every day for a year, but we didn't notice each other. We met at a corporate event some incredible day and had a stormy romance. In a few months, we started to live together, and a year later, we went on a trip to Las Vegas and got married:). We decided to spend our honeymoon at Burning Man. I think you have already realized that we are a pretty extravagant couple:)In the year 2022, the most terrible event and the most beautiful happened in our lives. On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine and destroyed our ordinary lives...In June 2022, our son Lyubomir was born, whose name literally translates as Love and Peace.The loss of our previous lives, jobs, and plans prompted us to look for our new future. The idea of creating a service for quick video editing of family videos had been rolling around in our heads for a long time. The thing is that Ella professionally edits corporate videos. But she gets the most fun editing emotional reportage videos of ordinary people. As a person with business understanding and expertise in building digital products and e-commerce projects, I came up with the idea of creating a fast video editing cloud service. In the end, we decided that we could add a joint business to a joint family and child. And so Videolove was born. We are still a startup, and we are still looking for niches in which we can scale. So if you have requests for video editing or creating visions more complicated than family videos - reach out to us anyway. 
Yaroslav Korets, co-founder and CEO Videolove


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