Five reasons why you need a professional home video editing service.

1. Video is the new photo

The development of social media and smartphones has made video content the most popular media. Videos can capture viewers' attention for a more extended time. For this reason, the platform's algorithm increases the likelihood of the video being promoted to a larger audience for every minute a viewer watches. And most importantly, video can tell a much better story than a photo, and its main advantage is the ability to evoke emotion.


2. You need a professional video editing service to make one exciting and entertaining story out of dozens of videos on your phone. 

Thanks to the development of smartphone cameras, each of us shoots dozens of videos monthly. Unfortunately, we never go back to those videos again. What is endless loses its value in our eyes. The final video becomes valuable if we edit these videos, choose the best shots, and assemble them into one story.Such a video will be worthy of a place in the home archive. You can send it to relatives or even publish it on social media.


3. Video editing is a complicated process, and video editors are highly valued and well-paid.

Shooting videos with smartphones and action cameras such as GoPro is easy. Therefore, there is a huge need for amateur video editing of such videos. Thanks to this, there is a growing number of online video editing software. It would seem that nothing is challenging to cut and paste the desired video fragment and impose the soundtrack. But the difference in the final video is staggering. If professionals do not edit the video, only the person who edited it can watch it. For an unengaged viewer, such a video will not be attractive. He will turn it off in 10-15 seconds or get distracted. The eye is difficult to tear away. Video edited by professionals catches the viewer's eye. It wants to watch more. A professional video editor understands the good shots and the foul shots. Where you can cut and where not, which frames can be stitched together and which do not, and how to glue the edges so the whole story. And we are not talking about applying effects, titles, coloring, and video stylization, which amateurs can't do anyway.That is why professional video editing differs significantly from amateur editing.


4. Free up your time for the things you truly value.

Video editing is a very time-consuming process. Professional video editors, first several times, view the raw videos and mark people, emotions, objects, and frames for future transitions. If the raw video is for an hour, the video editor will only spend 2 hours viewing the material. The video editor then searches for a suitable soundtrack, title styles, effects, and other sources.Then there is rough editing, which involves about 1 hour for every 30 seconds of the final video. Then comes the work with titles, coloring, and effects. After that comes the first draft video, making edits can also take a lot of time and depends on client comments.As a result, a professional video editor can spend over five hours on a 30-second video.


5. Working with professional video editing services, you also get access to professional sources of footage, sound, and other content. 

A soundtrack is required for each video. If you're not planning to publish your video to social media, you can edit your video with your favorite song. But if you want to upload your video to youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or other social media, you need a soundtrack with clear copyrights.
Professionals can access special royalty-free soundtrack libraries from which they can pick a soundtrack.
Sometimes a frame is missing for a great video story and they can use video footage with a professional service to solve this issue.
Of course, you can buy the needed footage and soundtrack by yourself, but their cost can be more expensive if you buy them once than if you order video editing with the soundtrack included for free from us.